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The Work of Claudio Santoro
An online catalogue of the works of the Brazilian composer Claudio Santoro (1919-1989)

This site is the result of research, revision and update of five already published catalogues of the work of Claudio Santoro. The data contained in these catalogues is being constantly updated and systematically confronted with information's obtained from the original manuscripts at the composer's archives.

1. 1963 - first catalogue published by the OEA (Organização dos Estados americanos) including a biography and a page of a facsimile by the composer;

2. 1968 - catalogue updated and published in august, 1968 by the Cultural Sector of the Brazilian Embassy in Genève - "Claudio Santoro, Catálogo completo de obras atualizado e revisto pelo autor";

3a. 1977 - the catalogue was updated and published in April, 1977 by Gisele Santoro - "Compositores Brasileiros, Claudio Santoro", Catálogo de obra publicado pelo MRE (Ministério das Relações Exteriores);

3b. later versions updated and published by the Ministry of Culture;

4. 1994 - published by Vasco Mariz in the book - "Claudio Santoro / Vasco Mariz" - Rio de Janeiro: Civilização Brasileira, 1994.
ISBN: 85-200-0190-4

5a. new complete catalogue - research done by Jeannette Herzog, after the death of the composer. It's primarily based on a newer version of the previous catalogue. Updated until 1989 with a new layout and display of the information (never published) - "The work of Claudio Santoro";

5b. Web catalogue - the catalogue of Jeannette Herzog was transferred to HTLM by the grandson of the composer Rafael Braga Santoro in 1997 who also did the original Web Design©;

5c. giving continuity to the version of the catalogue by Jeannette Herzog, Alessandro Santoro (also the webmaster) published the site in 2002 in portuguese and in english;

The catalogue has been constantly updated since april 1999 with new information provided by Alessandro Santoro. To control and log the changes of the catalogue was created in 2004 the news page.

among the changes:
 - possibility to search the site,
 - classification of the works by instrument,
 - possibility to acquire and order any music of Santoro through the site,
 - a recording index of CD's and LP's (observation: the site doesn't sell Cd's or Lp's!),
 - new works of the composer were found and added to the catalogue! (see the news page!)

Main policy of the site:
 - to be able to access any relevant information about the composer work and life (including other activities, ex: paintings)
 - possibility of updating information constantly. (for example: Cd production and bibliography)
 - possibility of access of the most updated information about the composers life and work