17 Motion Picture Soundtrack

*observation: many of the original titles have been translated into English

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Code Title Time Year City, Country Instrument
17.01 Agulha no Palheiro
direction and script by Alex Viany;
production: Flama Filmes
95’00 1952/53 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17.02 Chamas no Cafezal
direction and script by José Carlos Burle;
producer: Mario Civelli;
production: Flama Filmes
1955/56 São Paulo, Brazil
17.03 Escadas
direction, script and editing: Carlos Scliar; photografy: Ruy Santos;
obs: Short documentary on the life of the plastic artists Arpad Szenes and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, made in Santa Tereza, Rio deJaneiro, and edited in Paris with music by Claudio Santoro, recorded in "acetato" by the pianist Arnaldo Estrella
1947 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17.04 Estrada, A
direction and script: Oswaldo Sampaio; fotography: Nigel Huke; producer: Moacyr Peixoto. obs: Saci prize conferred to the musical score; production Mayara Filmes
1955/56 São Paulo, Brazil
17.05 Osso, Amor e Papagaio
direction and script: Cezar Memolo and Carlos Alberto de Souza Barros;
based on a story of Lima Barreto "A nova Califórnia";
production: Brazil Filmes
1956/57 São Paulo, Brazil
17.06 Saci, O
1st score by Claudio Santoro for cinema;
direction and script: Rodolfo Nanni;
photography: Ruy Santos;
production director: Alex Viany; based by a homonym romance of Monteiro Lobato; video released in 1989
1952 São Paulo, Brazil
17.07 Sogra, A
direction and script: Armando Couto;
photography: Ruy Santos;
producer: Mario Civelli;
production: Multifilmes
1954 São Paulo, Brazil
17.08 Fatalidade
direction: Jacques Maret
production: Multifilmes S.A.
producer: Mário Civelli
photographya: Giulio de Lucca
  09-1953 São Paulo, Brazil
17.09 Mulher de Verdade
direction & production: Alberto Cavalcanti
production: Kinofilmes S.A. / Companhia Cinematográfica Maristela
photography: Edgar Brazil
01-1954 São Paulo, Brazil
17.10 Santa Isabel do Ivai
documentary of Ruy Santos
25-01-1953 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17.11 Volta Redonda
film by A. Cavalcanti
19-01-1952 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17.12 Cacau
02-1952 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil